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Project Management Introduction Gantt Chart

Project management is an essential skill for a HIM professional who is preparing stakeholders for change. You need to consider activities to
successfully implement new initiatives and the right people to assist with the change and the appropriate timelines. These skills ensure appropriate
communication, training, and support are in place to support the new initiative.
Prompt: In this assignment, you will develop a Gantt chart. The Gantt chart is a project management tool used to consider the timeline and activities you need to
consider as you implement the health information exchange. You need to consider three tasks for each section in the chart. You can refer to page 901 in your
textbook for an example Gantt chart.
There is also an example for you in the Gantt Chart template. Here is a breakdown of the key components and rationale:
Activity: Identify potential HIE models
Project Leader: HIM manager
Plan Start: Week One (You will use blocks of weeks as start and end dates)
Plan Duration: Week Five
Actual Duration: Four weeks
You can see from the graph that the activity was completed one week early. It makes sense that this activity would happen in the early phases of
implementation and that it would be facilitated by the health information manager.

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper should be submitted using the Gantt Chart Template document.

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