Project Delivery Methods & Procurement

Project Delivery Methods & Procurement


Using the attached (separate file) Harvard Business School Case Study No. 9-398-085 “Timberjack Parts:  Package Software Selection Project”(Revised February 25, 1998), answer the following questions based on the techniques and concepts presented in class and available in the textbooks.

This exam is open-book and open-note and is to be completed individually.  Late exam submissions, without prior approval, will not be accepted or graded.



Project Delivery Methods & Procurement Questions

Complete Exhibit 8 “Evaluation Criteria and Weights” (the table depicted below) for the final two cost proposals of the Timberjack Parts Package Software Selection Project (the “Procurement”), such that you can complete the final statement of the case study “The group has reached a consensus,” and determine the appropriate company to select.

Within your analysis determining the selected company (Oracle or QAD), provide an explanation for your determination for of the assigned “factor weights” for each company and highlight those that determined the winning company.  That is, state why/how the winning company was determined by your analysis.


Exhibit 8:  Evaluation Criteria and Weights

Factor                     Weight           QAD         Oracle

Support                       20

Functionality               30

User Interface             10

Flexibility                    20

Future Prospects         10

Reliability                    20

Integration                  30

Platform                      20

Total                          160


  1. Complete a Procurement Evaluation of the TimberjackParts procurement process similar to that from the Project Procurement Analysis assignment using the evaluation criteria and categories identified below. Should an individual category not be able to be evaluated from the case study, identify it as “Indeterminable.”


Numeric Evaluation Criteria:1 = lowest/worst, 5 = highest/best


Evaluation Categories:

  • Scope Management
  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Management
  • Resource Management
  • Communications
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Integration



3. Identify and discuss areas of strength (what worked well) and weakness (areas for which there is an opportunity to improve) for the TimberjackParts procurement process.



  1. Using the criteria identified within Chapter 2 “Placing Procurements into Generic Categories,” of the Project Procurement Management (Fleming) textbook, assign the TimberjackParts procurement into the appropriate category and state why your assignment is appropriate (using the defections and criteria found within the chapter).

Project Delivery Methods & Procurement

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