Programming Assignment 4

Programming Assignment 4 Instructions

Luke 6:38
Give, and it will be given to you.  Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put inot your lap.  For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”


This week you are going to create a program to store the amounts received for donations.  The application is going to create an array to store 5 different areas of donations.  The user is going to enter a name, the amount, select a donation area, and the information will be displayed and the the totals for each donation area will be displayed.  The totals for each donation area will be a running total.


  1. Form Setup
    1. You must save your project using your initials in the name** This is required and the project will not be accepted otherwise.
    2. Design your screen to look like the one below.
    3. Update the backcolor to the color of your choice.
    4. Use appropriate naming conventions for controls and variables.
      1. Txt for textbox
      2. Lbl for label
  • Frm for form
  1. Lst for listbox
  1. Tab Control must flow in order from name, amount donated, lstDonations, Add Donation, Close.
  2. All buttons have access keys
  3. Lock the controls on your form.
  4. The list box to display the donations must be cleared before written to.
  5. The amounts will be stored in labels with borders.
  1. Code
    1. Create a comment section at the beginning of the code with the name of the assignment, purpose of the assignment, and your name. Comments must be throughout each sub of the application.
    2. Remove any subs that are not utilized by the program
    3. A string array will be created to hold the 5 types of donation entry points.
  2. Form Load
    1. Clear the donation listbox
    2. Load the donation list array into the listbox
    3. Display the current Date for the donations
    4. Display your name
  3. Add Donation Button
    1. The information that was entered should be checked to make sure there are values entered. If the user entry contains null values, the user should be so advised, and the user should be directed to the text box that contains the error. Make sure your error messages are meaningful.
    2. A static one-dimensional array to hold 5 values is created to hold the donation amount which will be decimal values.
    3. Add the donation value into the array in the appropriate place holder based on the selected index
    4. Display all donation totals in the corresponding labels
    5. Call a function to put the name in the proper order
    6. Display the name and the amount donated in the listbox which displays a running total of the amounts entered.
    7. After the display, clear the value in the name, the selected index of the donation listbox, and amount text box.
    8. Make sure all costs are shown as currency
    9. Make sure all spacing is accurate
  4. Proper Order Function
    1. Receives the name to put in proper order of first space last
    2. Uses the substring method to remove the comma and put in order
    3. Returns the name in proper order
  5. Ascending Radio Button
    1. Clears the donations listbox
    2. Displays the donation category array in ascending order
  6. Descending Radio Button
    1. Clears the donations listbox
    2. Displays the donation category array in descending order
  7. Close Button
    1. The application quits when the button is pressed







This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 4.

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