Program Business Plan

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Program Business Plan Template


A program business plan provides a business strategy for each program a camp offers. It is part of an organization’s business plan. A program business plan examines each program individually. The combination of all of the camp program business plans make up an overall program strategy.


The first step is to review the camp’s mission and philosophy. Next, determine the key audiences to be served by the program. Then, choose one of your camp’s programs or segment of program which you would like to examine. For example, you could choose your resident camp program as a whole or individual program within the resident camp, such as the teen leadership program. Other examples include day camp, environmental education, year-round rental groups or other segment of your program. This is a good way to review programs or services which may not be meeting the needs of participants in the same way as they did in the past.


Choose a camp program. Read through the template below and identify the answers to the questions.




Date:                            Name of Camp Program:


  1. Briefly describe the programs—what you offer, who you serve and the overall program goals and objectives. Or if this is a new program, what you plan to offer, who you will serve and the overall program goals and objectives.




Program Plan


  1. Describe the program structure. For example, program type, (summer resident camp, day camp, environmental education, outdoor education, year-round use), and how you plan to structure this particular program.




  1. Why is this program needed?




  1. What do you know about the potential success for this kind of program in your market?




  1. How does this program provide progression for participants who attend multiple weeks or for multiple seasons?




  1. What external social or environmental factors, both positive and negative, will affect the program? (Examples include the economy, funding trends, changing community needs, etc.)




  1. What internal factors, both positive and negative, will affect the program? (Examples include available staffing, priority for program, strategic direction of the camp.)
  2. Could this program design be used in other times of the year? Describe some of the possible year-round uses of this program.





  1. What outcomes do you hope to achieve with this program?





  1. How will these outcomes be measured?




Marketing Plan


  1. Describe current customers or target market for this program. Include age, gender, race/culture, economic status, geographic location, and other relevant demographics.




  1. Describe the primary target market that you would like to serve with this program, such as geography, zip codes, schools districts, community, and other relevant demographics.




  1. Is the market for the program growing, remaining stable or declining? How do you know?






  1. What other organizations provide a program which is a competition for this program?



  1. What are the strengths of those competitive programs?




  1. What are the weaknesses of those competitive programs?




  1. How does your program compare? (pricing, target audience, services)



  1. What advantages does your program have over the competition?



Marketing Strategy


  1. Describe the unique features of the program.





  1. How will you recruit participants?




  1. How will you communicate the outcomes or benefits of your program?





  1. How will you communicate the impact of your program to the community, funders, parents, and others?



Management Plan


  1. Describe the organization of the staff for the program. (volunteers, paid staff, full-time or part-time staff, supervisors)




  1.   Briefly describe the staff positions for this program.


Position titlePrimary ResponsibilitiesEducation/Experience NeededSupervisor of Position















  1. Describe training that will be required.







  1. What risk management issues exist and how will they be addressed?











Financial Plan


27.  Describe how you determine the price of the program. Or, how will you determine the price of a new program?



  1. What are your revenue sources?



  1. How will you determine if the program revenue is covering all costs, including overhead expenses?



  1. Describe the steps you will take to create your program budget.






  1. What else do you need to consider about this program?

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