Professional Selling Final

Final Exam


Directions: To complete this exam, create a separate word-processing document to record your responses. Type your name, date, and course number/section in a header at the top of each page. Number each question in the order presented here, and be sure to label any subsections that are part of a question. Any sources should be cited according to APA guidelines. Pages should be single spaced and should use an 11-point font.


Evaluation Guidelines:

Each question is worth 12.5%. A perfect score on a question means that you


  • demonstrated a superior level of understanding of the concepts relevant to the question,
  • used the professional selling techniques and processes expected for that area of inquiry,
  • were able to apply the concepts and techniques correctly and appropriately, and
  • presented your ideas comprehensively and with precision.


Additionally, 20% of each question’s evaluation will be based on writing ability and the use of correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling, as expected of a university student.


  • Outline the six methods for obtaining commitment. For each method, share an example of what you would say.


  • List and describe four objection techniques, and discuss when you would utilize each one.


  • Describe how you would strengthen a presentation on a cleaning service for each of the following buyer personality types:


  • A homeowner who is amiable
  • A homeowner who is analytical
  • A homeowner who is a driver
  • A homeowner who is expressive


  • James is a new salesperson. He is attending his first Chamber of Commerce “After-Hours Get-Together” tonight. He knows that he will meet a lot of people who can help him become a successful salesperson, but he needs information on how to make the most of this networking opportunity. What pre-sales activities should James engage in to be prepared for the event?


  • You are the account executive for a major New York ad agency, and you are trying the get the account for E-Trade. Your contact is E-Trade’s director of marketing. You have already arranged an appointment to meet with her. Your sales team is in the process of planning a sales call and developing sales objectives. How would you prepare for the call? Consider the planning process, pre-call planning, and SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-specific) objectives.


  • You are a computer salesperson engaged in a discussion with a college graduate who is looking to purchase a new laptop. Use the SPIN (situation, problem, implication, need-payoff) technique to uncover the prospect’s needs. Give four example questions, one from each question type in the SPIN model.


  • You are a new sales representative, and you are attempting to fill your pipeline with sales leads.


  • Which prospecting methods will you use?
  • How will you qualify the leads you find? Which qualifying factors will be the most important?
  • How will you organize your prospecting activities? How will you keep good records?


  • Discuss the potential ethical issues, if any, for each of the situations described below. Which do you consider clearly unethical? Which fall into an ethical gray area? Which may not be unethical? Explain your answers.


  • A sales clerk at Petco tells a woman, “If you spend five more dollars, we can donate a bag of pet food to the local animal shelter.”
  • A banker tells a mortgage applicant that their chances for approval would increase if they opened a checking account as well.
  • A computer salesperson offers a buyer a free one-year service contract for buying a computer during this month.

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