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Professional Management Report

Using only credible Business Resources, i.e., those secured in the library or through the Library portal, prepare a professional management report on one of the following topics:

A History of American Management Philosophy

• Change: The Environment of Human Re​sources Management

• Key Factors in Organizational Performance

• Equal Employment Laws and Other Regulations

• Gay Americans and Their Equal Rights Protection Against Job Dis​crimination

• Managing in a Technologically Mediated Business Environment

• Recruitment and Management in a Retracting Economy

• Supply Chain Management and Transportation Logis​tics

• Skills and Training Demands of Globalization

• The impact of Heath Care Reform on American Workers

• Labor Organizations and Unionization

• Cases in Management Ethics Violations and their Impact on the Respective Organizations

• The Contemporary American Work Ethic

• EQ: The maturity level of the Con​temporary Workforce

• Or​ganization Risks and Returns in To​day’s Economy

• Islamophobia and its Impact on American Business

• When it all Goes Bad: Doc​umented Cases of Mismanagement

• Managing Not-for-profit Organizations in an Economic Decline

• Outsourcing Tax Credit and Management Planning for Labor

If a selection is not made, the professor will assign you a topic.

The Report:

The report must be professionally written using APA citation format within text in reference to ideas. Also, the final work requires an appropriate Endnotes section (Word 2007 and 2010 have a simplified tool to make sure that this is done properly – select the References menu). All ref​erences must have integrity of source, i.e., professional journals, newspapers, books, and me​dia sources.

Encyclopedias (which include Wikipedia) college textbooks, as well as dictionaries are not acceptable sources for college writing. The report must be complete and span three-to-five pages of con​tent prepared using Calibri 11-font or Arial 11-font within 1-inch margins. Paper should have an appropriate coversheet and endnotes page in addition to its content pages. Full name should appear in the paper’s footer left margin, along with the page number centered, and the course at the right margin (see below).

The Presentation:

The presentation spans about three minutes to summarize your research. The style will be business meeting formal; whereby, you have assembled the organization’s management team to share your findings. A PowerPoint presentation of no more than 5 slides should contain per​tinent facts that you would like to share (do not put the research paper or paragraphs on the slides).

Submission and Grading:

The written assignment is & Presentation is due before Thursday April 15th. (No paper will be ac​cepted beyond this deadline regardless of reason.) Aesthetics, me​chanics of language, use of vocabulary, and style will be considered when assigning a final grade (see grading rubric).Sta​ple your work together in the left-hand corner and order the pages as follows: cover page, con​tent, end notes. Do not bind the paper or put it in a plastic cover. Oral Presentation Date: April 15th

(The assignment continues on the back of this page.)

Research Paper Grading Rubric

Ability to read and follow directions correctly.5
Content: Direction of the research and statement of purpose clearly defined in the opening paragraph, depth of coverage, cohesion and unity of ideas.60
Grammar, style, spelling, sentence structure, vocabulary, clearly articulates a message, written in active voice, and use of concrete nouns and action verbs. Use of management vocabulary is a requirement for credit.10
Revision to stream-line writing with proper transitions for clarity and readability.10
Proper business sources that offer accuracy, reliability, and integrity.10
Full and proper APA citations (Word 2007 and higher offer easy compliance).5

Presentation Grading Rubric

Ability to read and follow directions correctly.5
Use of PowerPoint in a professional manner to present main ideas and images.10
Content: Information presented in professional manner highlighting research findings.60
Ability to handle questions on the information provided.10
Presentation skill, eye contact, voice, and delivery.10
Preparation: Evidence of rehearsal covering both delivery and use of technology.5

Citation Examples:

Within Context — Paraphrase

In certain cases managers resist corporate edicts concerning company practices on the grounds of per​sonal ethics violations. A case in point would be pharmacists who refuse to administer drugs such as those used as birth control and artificial insemination. (Kelly, E., A. Ellis, &S. Rosenthal: 2011.)

Within Context –Direct Quote

In certain cases managers resist corporate edicts concerning company practices on the grounds of per​sonal ethics violations. For example, Kelly, Ellis and Rosenthal (2011; p. 1.) report, “Advances in technology have resulted in medical procedures and practices that were unthought-of in previous generations. Embryonic stem cell research, abortifacients, birth control, and artificial insemina​tion are just a few examples of these technological advances. While many individuals readily em​brace such medical advances, others find them morally objectionable.”

Endnote Entry

Kelly, E., A. Ellis, and S. Rosenthal. “Crisis of Conscience: Pharmacist Refusal to Provide Health Care Services on Moral Grounds.” Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal 23.1(2011): 37. ABI/INFORM Global, ProQuest. Web. 13 Feb. 2013.

For a passing grade, management must be the subject and discussion of the paper. One which has not been proofread and copy-edited can only score the maximum of 70-points.Failure to cite text properly that is either paraphrased or quoted is plagiarism; should plagiarism be identified, the work will received a grade of zero. Failure to select a topic by March 22nd results in an assignment made by the professor.

Full Name 1 Principles of Management

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