Process and Analysis and the Final Report

Process and Analysis and the Final Report

The Executive Summary also can provide an understanding of a project’s objectives, potential benefits, and how the project fits into strategies. Most of all, the summary should address how stakeholders will benefit. The summaries should be objective and factual, offering a realistic picture.

Please answer the following question by providing specific examples to support your answer:

Write an executive summary of this course, making sure to mention:

  • the purpose of COMS 201
  • the benefits for students of learning professional and technical writing
  • how this course supports success in the workplace

Peer Responses: Review the final reports that 2 of your classmates have posted. Use the following to guide your response to each classmate:

  • If you were a prospective student in COMS 201, would you be convinced by the summary above? Why or why not?
  • Are there additional points that you think should be included in this executive summary to demonstrate the value of the class?

300 to 500 words

Process and Analysis and the Final Report

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