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Probation/parole client and programs

Write a report on a special probation/parole client and programs that have been established to address this problem client. Focus on 1 type of special needs offender (substance abusers, sex offenders, gang-affiliated, DWI offenders, those with HIV/AIDS, or those with mental disabilities).

Include in your report several (at least 2–3) examples of programs that have been created.

• List their strengths, weaknesses, successes, and failures.

• In the second part of your report, discuss plans for a new program.

• Use the strengths from some of the programs that you have researched in your design.

• Provide specific details as to how and why your program will be a success.

DB; 4-5 paragraphs

Search the library and Internet for some examples of intermediate punishment and alternatives to traditional probation and parole practices.

• Provide details about at least 2 of these programs, and explain how well they have worked.

• Do you think any of these alternatives would be effective—even more so than traditional probation or parole practices? Explain.

• How could they be made more effective?

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