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Principle of management

PoM essay questions

You are an academic consultant to CMI. CMI have identified three different themes around the current problems that they face and need your help

in identifying what previous relevant research work has been done and what has been learned that can be applied to their situation.

You have to choose one of these themes and answer one of the questions below:

1. Andy Black and his management team are doing further research to support the growth ambitions. They now require your guidance regarding

leadership and digital marketing. In your essay we would like you to:
a. Present an introduction (400 words)
b. Explain what leadership challenges Andy may face in implementing a new information system, specifically taking into account that

multiple stakeholders will be involved in the project and the different views of knowledge they hold (1,600 words)
c. Critically evaluate the advantages and challenges of creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy (1,600 words)
d. Finish with a conclusion (400 words).

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