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Presidential speech

Argumentative essay

What influence or effect does presidential speech have on the public? Explain with examples from Trester’s essay, “Do You Speak Presidential?” and the embedded videos

Answer this question in an argument/persuasion essay. You are discussing the question with information from the readings/videos (and possibly other outside sources) as well as your own opinions. Remember, however, not to use “I” or “I believe” in your discussion.
Discuss this question in an essay of 1500 words.

Type your essay in MLA format.

Provide at least 2 examples from the readings/videos in MLA format in the form of in-text citations.
List your citations in MLA8 format on the last page of your essay in Works Cited. Remember that Works Cited is a new page, not last page of your discussion. It stands alone on its own page with Works Cited as the title [centered] and each citation listed alphabetically for sources used as examples.

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