Preparing a TriFold Flyer

New Perspectives Word 2016 | Modules 1–4: SAM Capstone Project 1a

Home-Based Business Guide

preparing a TriFold Flyer


  • Openthe file NP_WD16_CS1-4a_FirstLastNamedocx,available for download from the SAM website.
  • Save the file as NP_WD16_CS1-4a_FirstLastNamedocx by changing the “1” to a “2”.

o      If you do not see the .docxfile extension in the Save Asdialog box, do not type it. The programwill add the file extension for you automatically.

  • To complete this Project, you will also need to download and save the following support file from the SAM website:

o      Support_NP_WD16_CS1-4a_Man_at_Desk.png

  • With the file NP_WD16_CS1-4a_FirstLastNamedocxstill open, ensure that your first and last name is displayed in the footer. If the footer does not display your name, delete the file and download a new copy from the SAM website.



  1. As a program manager for your localChamber of Commerce, you are working on a brochure about home-based businesses. Read the comment on page 1, which explains the purpose of the brochure, and then delete the comment.
  2. To fit more information on a single page, change the document margins to 7″, and then change the page orientation to Landscape.
  3. Display non-printing characters so you can see section breaks and paragraph marks as you work, and then create a trifold brochure as follows:
    1. At the beginning of the second paragraph, insert a Continuous section break before the “S” in “Some”.
    2. In the new section, create three columns using the default settings.
    3. To make the title“Entrepreneurship 101: Creating a Successful Home-Based Business”stand out, format it as follows:
    4. Centerthe paragraph.
    5. Use the Text Effects and Typography button to apply the Fill – Blue, Accent 1, Shadow text effect.(Hint: Depending on your version of Office, the text effect may display as Fill : Blue, Accent color 1; Shadow or a similar variation)
    6. Apply Green, Accent 6, Lighter 80% paragraph shading (10th column, 2nd row of the Theme Colors palette).
    7. Apply a Box borderto the entire paragraph using the default style.
    8. In the first paragraph,in the first column (which begins “Some of the world’s most successful…”), insertaDropped drop cap.
    9. In the first column, format the heading “Tips for Starting Any Small Business”as follows:
    10. Apply the Heading 1
    11. Bold the text.
    12. Change the font size to 14 pt.
    13. Changethe font color toGreen, Accent 6, Darker 25%(10th column, 5th row ofthe Theme Colors palette).
    14. Use the Format Painter to apply the formatting from the previous step to the following headings:
    15. “Getting Started at Home”
    16. “Create a Pleasant Work Space”
    17. “Special Franchise Concerns”
    18. “Additional Resources”
    19. In the firstcolumn, formatthe four paragraphs under the heading“Tips for Starting Any Small Business”as a bulleted list using square bullets.
    20. In the thirdcolumn, format the two paragraphsunder the heading “Special Franchise Concerns” as a numbered list with the 1), 2), 3)
    21. In the blank paragraphunder the heading “Additional Resources”, insert a table withtwocolumns and threerows, andthen enter the data shown in Table 1 below.


Table 1: Additional Resources

  1. Format the table as follows:
  1. Apply the Grid Table 4 – Accent 6table style.
  2. Remove the special first column formatting.
  3. Remove any hyperlinks from the text in the first column because the final brochure will be printed and mailed.
  4. On page 2, format the heading “Find Your Inner Entrepreneur”as follows:
  5. ApplytheGreen, Accent 6, Darker 25%font color (10thcolumn, 5throw ofthe Theme Colors palette).
  6. Bold the text.
  7. ApplyGold, Accent 4, Lighter 80%paragraph shading (8thcolumn, 2nd row ofthe Theme Colors palette).
  8. Removethe spacing after the paragraph.
  9. Use the Format Painter to apply the formatting from the previous step to the “Solve Your Future Problems Today”heading.
  10. Under the heading “Find Your Inner Entrepreneur”, justify the first paragraph (which begins “Business World News…”).
  11. Insert a Column break before the title “Chamber of Commerce Small-Business Lecture Series” to move the title to the top of the second column.
  12. Format the picture of the woman by applying the Rounded Diagonal Corner, Whitepicture style.
  13. Insert a Column break before the title “Home-Based Business Guide” to move the title to the top of the third column.
  14. In the thirdcolumn, use WordArt to format the title“Home-Based Business Guide” as follows:
  15. Select the text “Home-Based Business Guide”, but do not select the paragraph mark after it.Clear all formatting from the selected text.
  16. Apply the Fill – Gray-50%, Accent 3, Sharp Bevel (Hint: Depending on your version of Office, the WordArt style may be named Fill: Gray, Accent 3, Sharp Bevel, or another similar variation.)
  17. Change the text fill color to Green, Accent 6 (10th column, 1st row of the Theme Colors palette).
  18. Move the insertion point to the last blank paragraph in the document,and then insert the pictureSupport_NP_WD16_CS1-4a_Man_at_Desk.png, available for download from the SAM website. Format the picture as follows:
    1. Resize the pictureto a height of 7″.The width should automatically change to 2.69″.
    2. Crop the picture to anOval shape.(Hint: Click the Crop button arrow, and then point to Crop to Shape to display the shape options.)
    3. Apply Square text wrapping.
    4. Find the text [INSERT SMARTART HERE], delete it without deleting the paragraph mark, and then insert SmartArt as follows:
  19. From the Process section of the SmartArt gallery, insert the Equation
  20. Resize the SmartArt to a height of 5″ and a width of 2.7″.
  21. Enter the following text into the SmartArt, with each line of text appearing in a separate shape, as shown in Figure 1 below.


Problem Solving



Figure 1: SmartArt with Text


  1. On page 1, select the first word in the title (“Entrepreneurship”)and insert a comment with the following text:

Please review this trifold brochure.

  1. To direct readers to the correct entrance at Moore Auditorium, move the insertion point to the end of the paragraph that reads “Moore Auditorium” in the first column on page 2, and then insert a footnote that containsthe following text:

Please use the side entrance at Moore Auditorium.

  1. Hide non-printing characters, and then use the Spelling & Grammar checker to identify and correct any spelling errors. (Hint: Ignore all grammar errors and proper nouns. You should find and correct at least one spelling error.)

Your document should look like the Final Figure on the following pages. Save your changes, close the document, and then exit Word. Follow the directions on the SAM website to submit your completed project.


Final Figure

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