pre-FEED on a refinery

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do pre-FEED on this case:

Building a refinery in South America with a capacity of (300,000 BPD). The refinery crude oil will be a mixture of both Heavy Crude from Mexico / South America & Light sour Crude from Middle East. Our target is to maximize the light product yields/ Produce high quality petroleum Products/Also, the plant will produce and meet its own power and steam requirements. The products Gasoline Ultra-low sulfur Diesel, Jet Fuel, and Blending Components with high Octane Rate.

Pre-FEED package should consider the following items:

  • Project Management Documents:
  • Process Documents:
  • Mechanical Documents:
  • Civil & structure:
  • Electrical & Control:
  • Piping:
  • Instruments & Control System

* Project Execution plane

* Project Control (schedule & Budget for engineering)

* Total Installed Cost (TIC = CAPEX)

* Procurement plan

* PFD (Plug Flow Diagram)

* PID (Piping / Installation Diagram)

* Heat & Energy Balance

* Equipment sizing List

* Equipment quotations

* Foundation drawings

* Building Drawings (size of rooms and how it looks)

* Structural Calculations

* Single Line Drawing

* Power Load

* List of required Electrical Instruments

* Piping Plan

* Plot Plan

* Tight-in list (In grass roots you do not have that many, but in

Revamping there is a big cost associated)

* List of Instruments

* Control Philosophy (Logic behind control System)


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