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Practices and Problems of Recruitment

Practices and Problems of Recruitment, Selection and Hiring in a Globalized World

Format Specifications: 1500 words excluding references (a10% margin will be allowed to the word limit but this should not be exceeded), Font 12, Spacing 1.5, Times New Roman. Please use a cover page, which includes the following: Student ID, course name and code, title of the essay, name of your tutorial leader and date of submission (see detailed structure below). Do NOT use official university logos on the cover page of your essay.

Practices and Problems of Recruitment, Selection and Hiring in a Globalized World

Instructions: Write an essay to address the following question:

‘In a globalized and technology-dependent world, HR managers today face challenges that range from pressures to recruit, select and hire high quality employees to balancing between their role as employee representative and business partners.

Justify your answer with references to both tutorial discussions and sources of literature’.

Essay Structure:

• Cover sheet: The cover sheet must include the following information:
Your student number. Please do not put your name on your work (course work is marked anonymously);

Module title and code;
Assignment title;
submission deadline date;
Lecture section (1 or 2);
Day and time of your seminar session;
Your seminar leader’s name – not the module co-ordinator’s name.

• Introduction: A statement of the topic and main arguments that you are going to develop through the essay;

• Main body: Include your main arguments and a review and evaluation of relevant literature, (which should be drawn from a variety of sources including academic journals and books, newspapers as well as online resources). Students should develop their argument by first defining the essential references required for the essay (e.g, recruitment, selection and hiring) and then describe related arguments in a logical manner;

• Conclusion: You should summarise the key issues you have identified in the literature and their implications;

• Reference list (minimum of three books and one journal article): This should be provided at the end of the essay, with references for all sources (including websites) you have used. References must adhere to the APA format.

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