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Is it possible for education to be free in America

1. Critically analyze your proposition
2. At the beginning of your paper clearly explain how you critically analyzed your proposition and how your analysis help to refine your proposition.
3. Clearly state your proposition as refined.
4. Clearly identify the decision maker to whom the proposition is meant to be presented, and what it is you want the decision maker to do to adhere to your argument.
5. Build an argument supporting your proposition
6. Clearly state the claims and issues that are most important to your argument.
7. Present and give citations referencing the materials and sources that support your argument and claims when you give the information. You should have at least four (4) credible sources. If the source is not credible on its face (for example; The New York Times –Harvard Medical Journal etc.) then explain to your decision maker why the source can be relied upon.
8. Examine both sides of the issue.
9. State why your side is preferable.
10. State a clear conclusion of what action you desire your decision maker to take

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