Portuguese Literature in English Translation

Portuguese Literature in English Translation


Midterm Exam




Answer the question in essay form, following the Modern Language Association (MLA) format. Your answer must be clear, objective and concise. Make sure to support your answer with properly annotated textual evidence.




  1. Select one of the medieval songs that we read and discussed in class and give a full analysis of it. Explain what category of song it can be considered and why. Discuss the sentiment of the song and how it contributes to our understanding of medieval Portugal. Be specific.


  1. Select one character from The Boat Plays and discuss that character’s role in the play. Explain how that character contributes to Vicente’s message.


  1. Answer one of the following two (2) questions:




  1. Discuss the use of mythology and religion in The Lusiads. Explain how these two philosophies are being used and hint at possible motives for their inclusion in the poem.


  1. Discuss the Letters from a Portuguese Nun in a historical and social context. In your discussion, include your commentary about the Nun as a feminist figure in Portuguese literature.

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