Polygraph exam and voice stress analysis

  1. Compare and contrast one research study or article regarding a voice stress examination or CVSA to one research study or article regarding a polygraph examination [you may select any criminal, intelligence, security or employment investigation].

2.Compare and contrast the limitations or strengths in the utilization of the voice stress examination as oppose to the polygraph examination from the above studies or articles you have selected.

3.Compare and contrast the legal issues regarding the evidentiary value of polygraph and voice stress and their acceptance or non-acceptance in court.



Adler, K. (2007). The lie detector, The history of an American obsession. Free Press, New York, New York

Fienberg, S. (2003). The polygraph and lie detection. National Academies Press. Washington, D.C.

National Research Council. (2003). The polygraph and lie detection. Washington, D.C.: National Academies Press.

Any other scholarly references you want to use and you can choose the article or studies for question 1

each question should be at least 3 paragraphs in apa format using in text citations


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