POLT question sheet

1: When a typical pipe bomb explodes, it produces fragmentation:

secondary fires

black powder


a and c are correct

all of the above

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Question 20.25 pts
Who are the most frequent victims of personal injury or death due to bombings in the United States?

law enforcement officers

innocent bystanders

the intended target

fire marshals

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Question 30.25 pts
Even though the number of “terrorist” bombing incidents has decreased, the ____ has increased.

financial costs

number of terrorist groups

lethality of incidents

none of the above

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Question 40.25 pts
A “Molotov cocktail” is an example of a(an):

incendiary device

low-velocity explosive

mechanical explosive

Russian after dinner drink

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Question 50.25 pts
Which of the following is considered a military explosive?

black powder




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Question 60.25 pts
Which of the following is not a component of the Stockholm Syndrome.

positive attitudes of the hostages toward the hostage taker

negative attitudes of the police toward the hostage taker

positive attitudes of the hostage taker toward the hostages

negative attitudes of the hostages toward the police and negotiator

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Question 70.25 pts
What are the most frequent targets of bombing incidents in the United States?


commercial operations

private residences

school facilities

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Question 80.25 pts
What 1980’s terrorist group introduced the strategy of the “double bomb”?



Omega 7


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Question 90.25 pts
Jihadi martyrs who carry out suicide bombing attacks against Israel likley believe that they are:

going to paradise

will meet the prophets

will destroy Israel

a and b are correct

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Question 100.25 pts
What is the “Werther Effect”

the study of suicidology

the phenomenon of suicide contagion

the tactic of suicide bombers

all of the above

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Question 110.25 pts
Currently, what is the most infamous example of suicide bombers?

Palestinian HAMAS

Japanese kamikaze

Lebanese Hizballah

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

Iraqi insurgents

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Question 120.25 pts
What suicide tactic did PIRA and INLA adopt to bring attention to their political protest and cause?

hunger strike

suicide car bombings


all of the above

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Question 130.25 pts
What international terrorist group in Iraq is responsible for numerous suicide bombing attacks against United States forces?

al Jihad


al Qaeda in Iraq

al Fatah

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Question 140.25 pts
What publication did McVeigh have in his possession when he was apprehended in

the Bible

Urban Guerrilla Warfare

Turner Diaries

Understanding Terrorism: Groups, Strategies and Responses

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Question 150.25 pts
What is the main source of supply of dynamite used in clandestine explosive devices in
the United States?

theft from military bases

retail purchase

theft of commercial explosives

none of the above

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