Political Theory

Each student will be assigned a week’s readings (on a rotating basis) and will be responsible for writing a 5-page minimum research paper on the theorist for that day’s reading. The paper must have at least 5 academic sources (Books, peer-reviewed articles).

Only one popular web-based source can be used and the textbook does not count as a source. The research paper should be 1/3 facts about the theorist (time period they lived/wrote in, personal information such as birth/death date, personal statistics (marriage/family/occupation, etc.), and an overview of other significant works).

The remaining 2/3 should consist of an explanation of the author’s political theory as explained in their work (the one the class will be reading from). The explanation should consist of key points, arguments, controversies, historical significance, etc. The paper should conclude with a brief assessment of the authors theory written in 3rd person. This information will be presented at the beginning of the class discussion on the theorist for that day.

Students do not need to write an Abstract, but elsewise the paper must be in APA format and properly cited to receive full credit.

Last Updated on February 10, 2019

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