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Policy memo assignment

A policy memo is an instrument used to provide analysis and recommendations for a particular policy situation or problem.These recommendations are used by policy makers in the policy making process to determine how to confront policy issues.A well-written policy memo is a concise distillation of research and recommendations about an issue or policy that could serve as a guide for your target audience.Here are some basic guidelines to completing the project:

1). Read current news and find a “state or local” level problem or issue that is aligned with your interests (Examples include Public School Financing, Healthcare, Community Policing, Criminal Justice Reform, etc.).Do additional research using relevant books, journals and websites as necessary (you should have at least three collegiate level sources).

2). In addition, you should use MLA citations in the body of the paper to develop your argument (see the example memo provided in D2L).Absolutely no plagiarism will be tolerated in this class.This is a short writing assignment, so avoid long quotes and quoting general material.

3). Each memo should consist of 750-1000 words (2-3 pages) with

one-inch margins (in #12-font size).Tightly organized policy memos with a

clear message have a better chance of influencing others.

4). Paragraphs should be single-spaced.Proofread carefully.Do not distract your audience from the content of your memo with poor spelling or grammar.

5). You can use any standard layout for your memo, including the use of bullet points or numbering to highlight or organize information.However, make sure you address your audience at the top of the page.See the example memo in D2L for a suggested layout.

Here is a brief suggested memo guideline based on the Policy Making Process:

  • Problem Identification-This is the first step in the policy making process.In this step you will identify a social or governmental problem that needs to be addressed or is not being addressed adequately by governmental actors or institutions.
  • Policy Formulation- This is the second stage of policy making.This is the stage where you will complete your research of the problem you have identified and come up with recommendations to the problem identified.
  • Implementation- In this stage of the policy making process you should select a government agency or actor to report your memo to (Governor, Executive department, legislative member etc.) and address your recommendations to them.Also, at this stage policies are put into effect.
  • Evaluation- Is the last-policy making stage.In this step, policy makers evaluate policies and make adjustments if necessary.While you cannot evaluate your recommendations, you can write about your expectations.

Write the paragraphs according to the “Memo Guideline”, and the example paper following the guidelines above.

Memo Example: http://core.ecu.edu/engl/smithcath/ppolicy_book/fr…

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Policy Identification and Analysis

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