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Planning and Control for Food and Beverage Operations

Answer the following questions they came from the textbook “Planning and control for Food and Beverage Operations” a class on management for a food and beverage operations.

Chapter 5

1) How can existing procedures for preparing foods be incorporated into standard recipes?
2) What problems arise when standard food purchase specifications are not used?
3) How can knowledge of standard yields assist food buyers in determining which products are the “best” buy?
4) What is a standard portion size? What are advantages to its use?
5) Why are standard portion costs important?
6) How are standard portion cots developed?
7) What is meant by”chaining recipes”?
8) What can (should) be done if ingredient cots for standard recipes increase significantly? How does this increase affect standard portion cost?
9) How are the standard food costs for a complete dinner developed?
10) What is the primary advantage of using ideal costs for calculating standard food costs?
11) How can managers use ideal cost information to monitor and control their operation?
12) How is sales information for beverage operations the same as for food operations? What information is different?
13) What are ways in which technology has made it easier for managers to plan for and monitor food and beverage standards?

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