Physical Assessment

Assignment Prompt

Select a patient. You may use a peer, friend, or family for this assignment, but they must be 18 or older. 65-year-old female presents to the clinic for a wellness exam and states he healthy. His last exam

was in 2019. He is up to date on his immunizations, flu shot , and COVI-19 vaccine x2

4/2021. Denies any prescription use. Last dental exam was on august 5th 2021 for routine cleaning. Uses glasses

with a previous eye exam in 2020 No eye prescription changes on the visit. He denies any

  • complaints or concerns at this time. The patient presents as a reliable historian.

She is a Christian, had 6 children, no medical hx, she does not smoke or drinks any alcohol.

  • Obtain a complete health history from this “patient”
  • Have the patient pretend they are visiting you for a “well exam” or “annual check up” (as opposed to a problem focus) and use the health history template posted in the course.
  • DO NOT perform any physical exam. You are only doing the interview portion of the patient visit for this assignment.
  • Document your findings as you would for a comprehensive visit, including a risk assessment (at least three risks with rationale) in your assessment.
  • Submit this write-up of the history and risk assessment via the assignment tab.


  • For write up, follow format in Example Health History Worksheet posted in this module

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