Peter Carey. True History of the Kelly Gang.

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Australia:Peter Carey.True History of the Kelly Gang.


The library paper for this course will be a critical paper on a literary text.By “critical” I mean that the paper will be an original investigation or interpretation of something that has interested you in the reading of the work and will be developed on the basis of your own thinking.Some support from secondary sources will also be required.

  1. The Prospectus:By February 20, the student will turn in a prospectus indicating the work to be studied and, if possible, the general direction of the student’s interest in the work.
  1. The Focus and Thesis Statement:After reading the work, each student should consult with the instructor and arrive at a statement that will serve to unify the paper and focus the investigation. The reading of the book and the conference to determine the thesis should take place by the end of the first 5-week unit of the class.
  1. Secondary Sources:The paper should include reference to at least three secondary sources in support of the student’s argument. A completed rough draft of the paper will be due for review at the end of the second unit of the class (April 3).
  1. General Requirements:The finished paper should be at least 1200-1500 words in length (5-6 typed, double-spaced pages).The central thesis should be developed through reference to the work and the secondary sources.If electronic sources are used, hard copies of the quoted materials and the homepages for these sources should be turned in with the paper.Current MLA form should be used for all citations and for manuscript form.The paper is due (May 6) one week before the final examination.


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