Personal Statement for Behavioral Science

Personal Statement for Behavioral Science:


Link to the program:



Suggested titles:

  • How Behavioural Science can help on fighting corruption in Latin America.
  • Fighting corruption in Latin America through Behavioural Science insights.
  • Insights from Behavioural Science: Choice architecture can help on discouraging corruption practices in Latin America.

Geographical Focus:

  • Latin America.



  • Constructing choices (through choice architecture) can discourage corruption practices.
  • Exposure and media coverage of corruption scandals can discourage potentialcorruptors.
  • Leveraging human biases can discourage corruption practices.
  • Stronger institutions can only be built if corruption practices can be intelligently fought.

Biases and key concepts to include:

  1. Spotlight effect (we tend to strongly believe that everybody is paying attention to what we are doing).
  2. Availability bias (we tend to remember more and put more importance in more recent events).
  3. Loss aversion, credibility and reputation social punishment (we are disproportionally biased to preserve what we already have vs betting for potential gains).
  4. Overconfidence bias (we tend to think we are more accurate on our assumptions and decisions to what statically can be proven)
  5. Following the herd bias (we are strongly influenced to do or believe things because other people are doing it; more even so if those are like us).
  6. Short term preference vs long term (we overvalue short term gratification vs long term potentially bigger gains).
  7. Framing bias and Ethical decisioning (the way corrupt practices are presented can influence how ethical decisions are being made).



Quotes to include in the statement:

“Everything being done to combat this social plague deserves our utmost attention and help … This is a battle that involves all of us.”

“How much evil is done to our Latin American people and the democracies of this continent by this social virus, a phenomenon that infects everything, with the greatest harm being done to the poor and Mother Earth,”

Pope Francis.


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