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Personal Connections Paper

Final Personal Connections Paper Instructions


Connecting to Overlapping and/or Parallel theme:

 Compare and contrast patterns of development pertaining to one or more themes                       in and across two or more Shakespearean texts, specifically focusing on your personal            connection to the theme;



For the final personal connection paper, I will be talking about the plays Richard III and Macbeth. The idea of them both want to become kings is really what got me and I will really relate that to what I see in most of Arab counties the present time. And how the idea of having power or being kings/ presidents cause a lot of blood.


Please make cure to have to meet the requirements below as well:


papers must include significant specific reference to at least two Shakespearean texts                     including citation of act, scene and line numbers as appropriate.

personal connection paper should include opinion and/or argument. The purpose of the                  personal connection paper is to explore the relevance of Shakespearean text to your person life/view of the world. While necessarily an opinion paper, your opinions                            must be supported by direct use of or reference to specific lines, character, scenes, etc.               as necessary to make your point

Any reference to outside sources (i.e., information from the introductions to individual plays)                   must be cited using MLA style. There is no required minimum use of outside reference

For each play chosen for your focus you must include a very brief and concise historical                context (i.e., year written, produced, and/or published)

It is expected that your paper will consist of no fewer than five paragraphs, running to                              no fewer than 3 pages and no more than 7 pages. Average paper expected to be 5 pages.

Quotes: Integrate a minimum of two quotes into your paper, one each from your two plays.          If you are using longer quotes—or if you are writing a quote based paper—it is expected     that the overall length of your paper will increase. As a rule, use only as much quote as            necessary to make your point.

Times New Roman, 12p, double spaced, 1” margins all around

Papers must include a header and a title that informs the contents of your paper.


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