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Personal Business Plan

I’m a stabilizer.”

Angelo, an experienced wireless-equipment technician, had been promoted to manage a technical division in his organization because of his demonstrated technical and human-relations skills. However, due to a major restructuring at his company when it entered the e-commerce arena, his position was eliminated and he was forced into the labor market.

Angelo was interviewed the same week by Company A and Company B, two high-profile e-businesses. It took nearly three weeks for both of the firms to “check out” Angelo’s background. The result was that both companies offered him a job, but both were lower-paying positions than Angelo had had in his previous position.

Company A is a dynamic high-technology corporation that makes little effort to develop its own people. In fact, it takes great delight in
hiring tOp people away from its competitors. Company A is interested in Angelo primarily because of his technical skills and the fact that he would become productive immediately.

Company B, however, is a technical organization that offers a lot of security to employees because of its rather firm PFW policy. They like Angelo not just because of his technical abilities but especially because of his long-range potential for management.

Although the starting salary with Company A is substantially higher, the training program with Company B is superior. All other significant factors are similar.

A. Discuss: In which company do you think Angelo should accept a position? What factors should he consider in making his decision?

B. Expand Your Understanding: Because Angelo probably could benefit from developing a Plan B, identify the elements he should include in his personal plan. Research the topic on how to develop a good business plan.

Then adapt what you learned to help Angelo develop a “Personal Business Plan.” Start by describing each of the business-plan elements that are critical to a good personal plan.

You may want to include a recommended plan format that Angelo and others could follow in developing their own plans.

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