Percentage Project

GGC Percentage project (2017)


The purpose of this project is to understand the changes that have taken place in the 12 years GGC has existed.  It also will give you an idea of the makeup of your student body today.

To turn in the project:  Go into our class in D2L.  One of the choices along the top is Assignments.  Click on Assignments.  Click on GGC Percent Project.  Upload your file (You must have your project in a Microsoft Word file or a  PDF).


Use the GGC website to find the information about Fall 2017 and Fall 2006.

You can find Fall 2017 information at

In a couple of places the data on that page is from 2016, not 2017. Go ahead and use that since the data on that page is the most current information publicly available.

You can find Fall 2006 info by looking on the sidebar of the same web page and clicking on “GGC by the numbers”.  Once on the new page, you will scroll down to the Data by year section, and choose 2006-2007.  You can then look in the Fact Book for that year.


Note:  For each calculation you do, please type the work.   For example:  (20-18)/18 x 100% = 11%

Also:   Each paragraph should contain at least 4 complete sentences and be supported by the calculations you have made.

Part I:  Using percent to describe change

  1. For Both Fall 2006 and Fall 2017find and type into your project the following information:

Total Number of students enrolled.

Total Number of Faculty (Full-Time)

Number of Majors offered (For current info, look on the GGC main website and count them.

  1. For each of the pairs of information in part A, find the Absolute change and the Relative change. Remember the relative change is the percent change.


  1. Write a paragraph expressing your opinions about the changes and what they mean (good and/or bad) for GGC.There is no wrong answer here as long as you express your opinion in a paragraph and support the argument with the results of your calculations.

Part 2: Using percent as a fraction.

Find out what percent of students have your characteristics.    For each of the following categories, look up the number of students at GGC in Fall 2017who have the same characteristics as you.  Then find what percentage of the total student bodyeach number represents. Please tell me both the number and the percent.


  1. Race (there is even a number given for those who did not want to answer this question).
  2. Full-time or Part-time student.
  3. Age group.



Part 3: Using percent as a difference.

Picktwo characteristics from the same category.  (An example would be Black and Asian are the characteristics from the category race).  You only need to do this for one category!

  1. How many are there?


  1. What is their absolute difference?


  1. What is their relative difference?
  2. When using relative difference, which group was your reference value and why did you decide this?
  3. Write a paragraph discussing whether the results you found in parts 2 and 3 matches your impressions. Are there surprises in what you found?




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