People with minority status

Class discussion:

Module 3 discusses social inequality and forms of social stratification. Minority groups have less control over their life chances and discriminated against.

Examples of minority group include people of color in terms of race and ethnicity; women in terms of gender; the elderly and children in terms of age; the poor in term of class; gays and lesbians in terms of sexual orientation; and people with disabilities.

Some students consider teenagers as minority group as they are discriminated against sometimes and as they are more likely to be pulled over in highways and so on. Life is precious but some people with problems try to commit suicide. Please watch the short move Parallel Tracks and respond to the following questions.

1. Do you think that people with minority status are more likely to suffer from depression? What are the main causes of depression and what are the effective treatments?

2. What causes people to commit suicide from sociological perspectives? How do we cope with suicide?
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