Pen Production Factory Simulation

Pen Production Factory Simulation Laboratory


This is where you will begin an overview of the laboratory activity and experience. Briefly describe what you feel is the purpose of this particular exercise.  You should reference material in the textbook to support your overview.  You should also reference any experience you have had with a similar activity in another class or work environment.


Procedure/ Steps

Concise methodology of the laboratory activity including:

  • Basic “step by step” concept used by students in the activity.
  • Materials and supplies used.


In this section you should be careful to document and list brief steps of your activity.  These should be not be a narrative or structured in a paragraph.  These are STEPS and should reflect a bulleted style format.




  • Obtained safety glasses and instructions
  • Read instructions before beginning the exercise.
  • Obtained material to be cut on bandsaw and measured to ensure correct material
  • Etc………


You will need to briefly describe what the class went thorough to get to where we were by the end of the pen turning factory simulation activity.


Data Collection


You can attach a digital photo of your actual Pen.

Use a bulleted list to describe any quality/ appearance/ finish problems and a corrective action step on how you would correct thus said problem during the production of another pen.




  • This section allows you to conclude what you learned, overall, during the laboratory activity. Results should be in a narrative paragraph and address the following questions:
    • Was the laboratory objective you stated above accomplished?
    • How did this laboratory activity relate to or support the concepts presented in course content?
    • Did the content presented and simulated help you understand how they can be applied in an industrial setting?
    • Do you have any suggestions for improvement of this activity?



Pen Production Factory Simulation Laboratory  Technical Article Correlation

  • Document article information (Citation format is APA)
    • Publication name, volume number, page number and author
  • Relate the article similarities and differences to the laboratory exercise (remember to look for an article that is similar in one of the processes for the exercise or project…In this case LEAN or TPS, KAIZEN, POKA-YOKE, etc.)
    • This should be a brief overview.

REQUIREMENTS   (Look at the format above)  Every Grammar and Spelling mistake will cost (-2pts).  No Technical Article Correlation will cost (-15pts).

Pen Production Factory Simulation Laboratory

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