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Patient education plan

The purpose of the patient education plan is to plan interventions based on evidence-informed nursing practice for your MC Reads character using the Social Determinants of Health framework and one additional health promotion model (see course syllabus IIC “Health Promotion Models” for examples.

More readings: The Pathophysiology of Disorders Academic Help


  1. Use your “Social Determinants of Health” paper as a resource for this patient education plan. You have done the lion’s share of the work already.
  2. Think of your MC Reads character as one of your clients who has made an appointment with you in the clinic for an annual physical exam.
  3. Take the social determinant identified to be relevant to your selected character and create a patient education plan for a) the patient and/or b) caregiver.
  4. Write out minimum of two evidence-informed interventions based on the SDOH framework and your second health promotion model. What concepts in the health promotion model overlap with the SDOH? For example, does self-efficacy play a role in how a young black man would perceive crime and violence in his neighborhood? Use the resources embedded in the module to help you work through this part of the education plan. What if your education plan is met with resistance? How do you move forward with the plan?
  5. Upload your patient education plan to two places a) drop box and b) Week 9 discussion forum.
  6. Critique your colleague’s patient education plan. Be sure to include a brief introduction of your character as part of your initial post along with your patient education plan attached for review.

Useful resources:

Choosing effective patient education materials

Peer Critique of Education Plan (these are your 2 peer responses).

  1. Select two peers’ patient education plans to review.
  2. Has your peer provided the following: a) character introduction, b) clear description of the social determinant selected for book character and rationale, c) two evidence-informed interventions based on the SDOH framework as well as a second health promotion model, d) a well-formulated backup plan for a resistant client or caregiver.

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