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Pathophysiology Discussion Posts


  1. This week we are talking about fluid and electrolyte imbalances.  As most of you are aware, there are many energy, rehydration, sports drinks and waters on the grocery store shelves.  Have you every looked at the label of these drinks?
  1. Pick one energy, rehydration, or sports drink and find out what the nutrients/calories/electrolytes are in the drink.
  2. Discuss whether drinking this type of fluid on a regular basis could pose fluid or electrolyte problems for individuals.

I expect you will have to do a little research to answer this question.

Be sure to include your source in your posting.



  1. Most of you are going to be entering a health care profession. There are many web sites out there with information about medical illnesses and treatments. Find a web site that pertains to a blood or lymph disorder listed on the Module 4: Outcomes and Activities List(RBC disorders, Anemia, Sickle cell disease, platelets disorder etc) and write a summary about the web site including its strengths and weaknesses.  Be sure the web site discusses etiology, pathophysiology and signs and symptoms.   Include the web site address in your posting so we can check it out.

Or if you want to find a professional article in one of Butler’s online databases discussing one of the blood or lymph disorders, that would be great as well. Be sure to include the database you used, the author’s name, article title and journal so others can go and find the original article.

As you pick a web site, be sure it is from a reliable source and contains accurate information.


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