Pathophysiology Case Study Outline & paper

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TOPIC: Cirrhosis


Provide a detailed outline for your Pathophysiology Case Study, which outlines your focused topic. Write a 750 word paper double spaced.


Your outline must be submitted in a formal outline format as shown below. The outline should demonstrate enough detail to make it clear that you have considered the organization of your paper, including the research required for your topic, the planned sections for your paper, and APA style in-text citations where appropriate. At the end of your outline, please provide a listing of the sources which you have already identified for use in creating your paper.

Outline Format

  1. Introduction & Overview
  2. Introduction
  3. Details of Subpoint
  4. More details of the Subpoint
  5. Overview
  6. Details of the Subpoint
  7. More details of the Subpoint
  8. Discuss the age group, SES, region, ethnic group, gender, etc. where this disease or injury is most prevalent. Include recent data and statistics
  9. Subpoint
  10. Details
  11. More details of the Subpoint
  12. Next Subpoint
  13. Details of the Subpoint
  14. More details of the Subpoint

III. Discuss the causes and symptoms

  1. Subpoint
  2. Details of Subpoint
  3. More details of the Subpoint
  4. Next Subpoint
  5. Details of the Subpoint
  6. More details of the Subpoint
  7. Discuss treatment and proliferation without treatment
  8. Subpoint
  9. Details of Subpoint
  10. More details of the Subpoint
  11. Next Subpoint
  12. Details of the Subpoint
  13. More details of the Subpoint
  14. Conclusion & Future Research
  15. Closing
  16. Details of Subpoint
  17. More details of the Subpoint
  18. Future Research
  19. Details of the Subpoint
  20. More details of the Subpoint
  21. APA Style in-text citations and references where appropriate

*Be sure to insert additional subpoints and details where necessary to meet the content requirements.


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