The purpose of this project is to select an issue/problem that you have identified during your mentored practicum experience. Each student must choose a different problem and receive faculty approval before proceeding. (Some examples of problems might be high absenteeism among nurses, lateral violence, staffing shortage, and poor morale or decreased patient satisfaction, etc.). You will discuss a new way to solve the problem based on current research and compare the way the “issue/problem” is currently being handled and the impact your “new solution” will have. You will begin by creating a PICO statement.

P- patient or population (problem):

Describe and evaluate the leadership style of the nurse leader/manager. Provide examples to support your answer. Describe the unit where you clinical experience occurred. Include the model of care delivery and the number and mix of staff. If you are not in a traditional health care setting, describe the setting and the type of personnel that the nurse supervises. What is the problem?


What are ways by which the nurse leader/manager proposes to solve this issue/problem? Describe his/her decision-making process. How does this problem affect patient outcomes? What impact does it have on staff? Identify way(s) that this problem could be resolved that are different than what the manager proposes. What does the literature state regarding this issue? How have other facilities successfully dealt with this problem? What do you think a good solution is to this problem? Use current research to support your proposed solution. You may not know what a good intervention could be until you conduct a literature review. You will probably need to work on this section last.

C- comparison:

In what way is the problem being handled right now? Describe why this approach is not working. Describe the leadership style of the nurse manager. Describe his/her decision making process. How does this problem affect patient outcomes? What impact does it have on staff?

O- desired outcome:

What would you hope to achieve through this intervention? Examples of desired outcomes might be improved staff morale, higher patient satisfaction or decreased absenteeism.

T- time frame:

Specify the time frame for your outcome measures

This assignment is a scholarly paper. Length: 6-8 pages not including references. A minimum of 3 references from peer reviewed journals is required.

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