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Outputs Diagnosis, SLP: Time Warp 3

Outputs Diagnosis, SLP: Time Warp 3


It is now January 2, 2012 (again), still at the beginning of Time Warp 2. You have just completed your revised strategy using CVP analysis, and you are ready to charge ahead. You implement your decisions for 2012, see the results at the end of the year, and collect these results to use later. Again, you implement the decisions you have already made for 2013, and collect the results at the end of the year. You do the same for 2014 and 2015, hoping this time that you can finally move ahead into 2016.

It is now New Year’s Eve, 2015 — what you hope is the end of not only Time Warp 2, but all the time warps. You have the results of your decisions. How did you do? What was your final score? Will it finally be 2016 when you wake up?

It’s New Year’s day, 2016. You just had a great New Year’s Eve celebration, you finished another four years of moving Clipboard Tablet Company through 2012 – 2015, and are ready to charge ahead into the future. You notice something strange (again): The TV commentator is saying something about New Year’s Day, 2012. You are now in Time Warp 3.

Maybe you need to keep improving Clipboard Tablet’s performance so that you can finally move ahead. Vowing to do better this time, you decide that your best approach is to develop a four-year strategy like you did the last time.

You analyze the results of your last set of decisions from 2012 to 2015. You are going to use CVP analysis (and the CVP Calculator) again to help determine a new strategy. You will get better at it.

You analyze the results from Time Warp 2 using CVP and develop your complete four-year strategy. You decide to make notes about your analysis and your reasoning process, just in case you have to do this again.

You finish your report showing the strategy you are going to use these next four years, Time Warp 3.


Using the strategy that you developed in SLP3, run the simulation. Review and analyze these results (from your Time Warp 2 decisions) and develop a revised strategy for Time Warp 3. Support your revised strategy using analysis and relevant theories.

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