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Organometallic Chemistry Homework


Briefly give the mechanism for the decomposition of Rh(C2H5)(PR3)2(CO).


  1. a) Indicate what types of reactions you expect each class of compounds to undergo, by referring to the change in electron number, valency number and ligand bond number for each class of complexes.

b)Compare / contrast the ligand bonding properties of the NON-carbonyl ligands, for complexes (b), (c) and (d), respectively, by referring to simple orbital overlap diagrams.

  1. c) Compare / contrast the ligand bonding properties of the NON-carbonyl ligands for the complexes (g) and (h) above, with reference to the difference in the coordination number for the two complex anions.
  2. d) Arrange the average observed infrared symmetric carbonyl stretching frequencies of compounds (c), (e), (f) and (h) above, in order of increasing energy. Explain your reasoning.
  3. f) Draw the expected molecular structures for each of the complexes/complex ions (e)–(h).Systematically classify each of the complexes according to Green’s MLX method, by first designating each ligand, and then the compound. Indicate the oxidation state of the metal and the electron number (EN) of the complex in each case.


Predict reaction products for the reaction below. Show all intermediate product formation, and illustrate reasoning.

[Cp2W(η3-C3H5)](2BF4 ) + 2 MeLi →

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