Order and Anarchy in Realist IR Theory

What is the Relationship between Order and Anarchy in Realist IR Theory? Answer with extended reference to two self-identifying realists

It would be most preferable if the writer who undertakes the essay is familiar with the concepts involved and the two featured thinkers.
The essay MUST be based on the ideas of JOHN MEARSHEIMER (offensive realist) and KENNETH WALTZ (defensive realist). These are the two self-identifying realists alluded to in the title.
Please do not fill up space with basic details on standard realist theory ? it is THESE TWO GUYS and Their Ideas that are central to the essay.

The following questions should help determine the content:

1) Where do these two thinkers agree on the relationship between order and anarchy?
2) Where do these two thinkers disagree on the relationship between order and anarchy?
3) What are other thinker?s criticisms of their ideas?
4) What are your criticisms of their ideas?
The title of the essay must be the one stated – VERBATIM.

The essay MUST take the form of an argument/criticism.

YOUR Opinions on THEIR ideas are ESSENTIAL; CRITIQUE their material; ARGUE a bit.
Please pay close attention to referencing guidelines (final section below).

The essay should be structured into 3 sections:

1 – Introduction guidelines-
The intro should not exceed 10% of the word-count. It should not include many references (if any).
It should ?signpost? the essay and outline the basic argument that is to be made in the essay. EG:
This essay will first examine? (pr?cis of first aspect to be examined). It will then look at?.(pr?cis of second aspect) before focussing on?(pr?cis of third aspect) before finally concluding.
This essay will argue that?(summary of basic argument)

2 – Main Body guidelines
This should form approximately 80% of the essay.
This is where the bulk of the references reside (probably all).
This section should follow the ?signposting? laid out in the introduction.
Sensible paragraphing should be used throughout.
3 – Conclusion guidelines
The conclusion should not exceed 10% of the word-count.
It should not include many references (if any).
It should not include any new information not covered in the main body.
Referencing guidelines
The following 2 works are excellent sources to base the essay on:
The Tragedy of Great Power Politics (John Mearsheimer)
The Perils of Anarchy (Brown/Jones/Miller (eds))

References may be made to any source as long as it is READILY AVAILABLE (not out of print etc).
References to web pages are acceptable but only to ?credible? sources (use judgement) but definitely NOT Wikipedia.

Any text lifted directly from a source MUST be in ?QUOTATION MARKS? and a reference to the exact page at end of the sentence.
OXFORD FOOTNOTES referencing to be used throughout.
All references MUST have page numbers.

Please note the NUMBER of sources required.
Please include BIBLIOGRAPHY at the end (OXFORD ? ALPHABETICAL).

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