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Optimization of the Inbound Logistics Process in Automotive

Optimization of the Inbound Logistics Process in Automotive

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Project Background:


Rationale for selection – importance and potential impact of the strategic project for an organisation or business sector. Word Guide approximately 500

What is logistics management?

Logistics concept in automotive industry:

 Just in time logistics
Optimization of logistics system
Problem Statement:

One of the key challenges facing the logistics industry is the insufficient integration of transport networks, information technology, warehousing and distribution. This research aim to optimize the logistics process in Automotive to create an integrated logistics management system towards efficient good distribution practice in  supply chain.

Literature Review:


Identification of  the key aspects of the business literature (e.g. service quality)  to underpin the study. This review should briefly cover the main ideas and business practice that will be considered. It should locate a sample of some of the main sources and identify key critical issues that might arise. Word Guide approximately 750.

Literature review to cover journal articles related to the research problem statement and the key themes relevant to the objectives and why chosing automotive industry for this research.

Identify 3-4 objective outcomes from the dissertation in terms of what the dissertation seeks  to achieve for the organisation or business sector. These objectives should reflect outputs not tasks to be completed and should emphasise the areas for improvement to  business performance the dissertation will concentrate on.
·         The integration of the inbound operations & planning towards an efficient pro-active logistics system.
·         Optimize the process of the logistics management and identify the root cause of major obstacles towards on time deliveries such as: late deliveries.
·         Cost savings by integrating the information system with the logistics management system.



Candidates should include a brief statement as to what they consider the main methods of primary and secondary research are likely to be the lost useful to achieving the project outcomes. Approximately 300 words.

The data will be collected into two forms primary and secondary data.

The primary data is the data collected by performing semi-structured interviews, using a validated questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed based on existing academic theories regarding the research problem statement, the questions are formed accordingly to answer the research objectives. The interviews will be conducted through face to face meetings, with the  head of departments and the persons in charge in the below departments:

–          Inbound logistics – operations

–          Inbound logistics  – planning

–          Transport

–          Warehouse

–          Information technology

 The secondary data will be collected by extracting data from Company reports such as KPIs and performance reports and analyzing the data to find out the different obstacles in the logistics process and the root cause and the average time delays in deliveries.

 The secondary data are also the data collected from scholars’ reference books in same research area, supply chain and logistics journals and others industry association groups. The secondary data will be used to know the background work carried out regarding the research topic, the current theories and research problems.

Upon collecting the primary and secondary data an analysis will be done to find out the gaps between the existing theories and the current  practice and hence recommendations can be given with the gap analysis for further research by the company.

GANTT chart:

Research title / proposal
Research proposal approval
Write draft abstract / introduction
Literature review
Research questionnaire
Write draft objectives / literature reviews.
Interviews / collect data
Analyze data / presentation of findings.
Conclusion / recommendations
Write research analysis
Write conclusion & recommendation.
Personal development plan
First draft
Final draft

Optimization of the Inbound Logistics Process in Automotive

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