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OPENCV program with Python

Counting the Colors of Candy


You are to write a OPENCV program with Python that takes still images of candy (M&M, Skittles, Reeses Pieces) and counts the total number of candy, plus will give the count of each color of candy.


  • Taking in an image of candy (I’ll give the images to use) you will use OpenCV to segment out the candy.
  • You will then take the segmented candies and decipher which color each piece of candy is.
  • You will then output in the corner of the image how many of each color candy you have.
    • Example:
      • Green = 5
      • Yellow = 3
      • Red = 4
  • Advanced you will read in a video of candy’s on a moving manufacturing belt and keep track of the count as they enter and exited the screen.
  • Your code should not have to adjust code to solve the problem on different levels of images.
    • You will get easy, medium, harder pictures and then a video
    • Get easy picture working first.
    • Then adjust to get medium picture working, when you do it shouldn’t break the easy picture.
    • We will test with easy first, if it doesn’t work we will not go on to the medium picture.
      • First must work, then medium, then hard, then video in that order without changing code to get them all.


Last Updated on February 25, 2019

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