O’Keefe Lane

Field Report ESSAY.

Articles will be provided and must be used, no outside sources. Field report must be written well and flow with the articles and how it’s related to regulating space.
More info on the field report is as follows:

In recent years, the university has been making plans to revitalize this space. You will write a field report describing your observations of the laneway and how it works as a public space (IMP!!)
You will also refer to some of the proposals for revitalization that the university has commissioned.
Do you feel that they are effective? How could these plans be critiqued based on the discussions we have been having this semester?


Articles for reference:

SCHOLARLY articles that MUST be used:

1) Sonia Bookman and Andrew Woolford, “Policing (by) the Urban Brand: Defining Order in Winnipeg’s Exchange District.” Social and Cultural Geography 14.3 (May 2013) 300- 317

2) Vikas Mehta, “Evaluating Public Space.” Journal of Urban Design 19.1 (2014): 53-88

3) Mats Lieberg, “Teenagers and Public Space.” Communication Research 22.6 720-744

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