ChooseMyPlate Diet Analysis Worksheet

Complete the following questions using all three reports, previous and future units’ materials and other resources as indicated and include your references (in text references/citations must be included). Use the reports generated from the Supertracker program on the website.

1. Analyze Food Groups and Calories Report (20 pts)
• Review your Food Groups and Calories Report.
• Use the data to write a detailed analysis describing your intake from each of the food
• Discuss the reasons your intake either exceeds, meets or is below your Target for each of
the food groups: Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Dairy, Protein Foods, Oils, Total empty
• Make suggestions where changes could be made in to meet your Target amounts.
• Use for citations.

Example: My intake of fruits exceeded my target goals. I ate a serving of strawberries, an apple and 16 ounces of fruit juice which, according to, Fruit groups, put me over by 2 servings of fruit. I will reduce the portion of fruit juice by 8 ounces to decrease my servings from the fruit group.

2. Analyze Nutrients Report (20 pts)
• Review your Nutrients report.
• Use the textbook chapter and course content materials on Vitamins and Minerals and cite
references from the text to back up your assessment.

• Write an analysis of your Intake compared to your Target amount of ALL Macronutrients and Micronutrients. State what you can do differently in your meal plan to improve your results. State what the possible health risks associated with your results.
Example: I was deficient in my calcium intake. I ate only 60% of my Target for calcium. I did not consume enough high calcium foods such as almond milk (Understanding nutrition pg. 403) or vegetables such as broccoli into my meals to increase the amount of calcium. If I do not consume enough calcium I could lose calcium from my bones causing osteoporosis in the future (Understanding Nutrition, pg. 404). I am lactose intolerant so it’s difficult for me to get in enough calcium but, I could use soy and lactose free cheese since those are high calcium foods (Choosemy, Dairy) I like to eat.

3. Analyze Physical Activity Report (20 pts)

• Review your Physical Activity report.
• Refer to the chapters in your text book on Energy Balance, Weight Management and
Fitness to assist your written analysis of your physical activity. Use citations from your text
to validate your responses.
• Summarize your MIE data from your report and analyze the impact your physical activity may have on your health.

Example: My current activity based on my Physical Activity Report shows that my MIE is 60 MIEs. My goal is 150 MIEs. I need to include more moderate intensity activity to meet my goal of 150 MIEs per week. I also did not do any Muscle-Strengthing activities. I have been walking three times a week for 80 minutes but at a low intensity. I can increase my intensity by walking faster and including at least one more day a week into my activity schedule. I can include more muscle strengthening activities two days a week by lifting light weights for 15 minutes or gardening for 1 hour.

Increasing my intensity of walking will include aerobic activity. Aerobic activity can improve cardiorespiratory endurance (Understanding Nutrition, pg.442.) Muscle strengthening activity can improve bone mass. (Understanding Nutrition, pg 443.)
3 day average Reports Submitted: Actual intakes vs Recommended Intakes, MyPlate and Energy Balance 10 points
All three 3 day average reports for Actual intakes vs Recommended Intakes, MyPlate and Energy Balance, 8 points
Two of the 3 day average reports Actual intakes vs Recommended Intakes, MyPlate and Energy Balance, were submitted. 7 points
One of the 3 days average Actual intakes vs Recommended Intakes, MyPlate and Energy Balance, were submitted. 0 points
None of the food Actual intakes vs Recommended Intakes, MyPlate and Energy Balance, were submitted or were submitted incorrectly. 0 points
None of the Actual intakes vs Recommended Intakes, MyPlate and Energy Balance, reports were submitted or were submitted incorrectly.



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