Novel bioinstrumentation systems using biosignals

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Design two complete, novel bioinstrumentation systems using biosignals that are relevant to an important health problem.

Novel means not introduced in class and not able to be found on the internet.

Each of your solutions should contain the following elements:

1) a labeled block diagram of a full instrument to acquire the signal, process it, and convert to a measurand.

2) block diagram must include a sensor, sensor circuit, processing circuitry (active and/or passive), and output (digital, analog, LED, alarm, etc.).

3) state a reason for each choice of bioinstrumentation element.

4) define signal range, instrument resolution, sensor sensitivity.

5) state guidelines for detecting healthy vs. unhealthy levels of the biosignal. How should a clinician interpret the measurand?

6) what modifications would be needed to make this a senior design project? What is the ideal team (student expertise? Faculty expertise? Experts outside the university)?

Answers should be submitted in one clearly labeled word document, with your name and student ID, a title for each instrument, and responses to questions 1) through 6) clearly marked as such.

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