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Writing grant proposal and being awarded grant money is an essential in most non-profit agencies because so much of the agency’s income is dependent on it. It is the rare non-profit that could continue to carry out its mission anywhere near as effectively if its grants dried up, and for so many agencies, such an occurrence would be the end of the agency.

There are three (3) basic sources of money for non-profits:
•Earned income (i.e. fee for services or fundraisingefforts)
•Donations from individuals
•Funds from grants

For this discussion you will need to do the following:
1.Choose a non-profit agency (this may be the agency you choose to complete your proposal components over) you would like to research.
2.Find out how much of the agency’s funds comes from: a.earned income
b.donations and
c.funds from grants

3.Write a brief bio on the agency (Name? Where is it located? What programs does it have, etc.) – approximately one paragraph.
4.Based on the results of your research on your agency’s funding sources, write a two paragraph discussion on the likelihood of survival for the agency if: a.It no longer received earned income but still received donations and grant funding.
b.It no longer received donations but still received earned income and grant funding.
c.It no longer received grant funding but still received earned income and donations.


There are a couple of ways to find out where non-profits get there money to operate. Here are some suggestions to help you find revenue streams for the non-profit you choose for this discussion assignment:
1.Research the non-profit’s website. A lot of non-profits report amounts and percentages of their revenues and the sources of revenues on their website.
2.If you know someone in the non-profit, contact them and see if they can get you in touch with someone who can give you this general information for the assignment. Please be sure to identify for the staff person exactly why you need the information and exactly what information you need.
3.Non-profits’ revenue and expenditures are public information and is reported to the IRS on a 990. You can search for the non-profits’ 2013’s 990 OR you can use the Foundation Center’s free 990 search tool. I have provided a link to the Foundation Center’s website and this can be found in Module 4, under the Course Information tab on the navigationaltoolbar and on the Resources link under the Discussions tab on the navigational toolbar.
Grant Writing Tip #5: Tips for a Strong Grant Evaluation Plan (Website)
Grant Writing Tip #5: Tips for a Strong Grant Evaluation Plan (Website)

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