No(2) Carbon Fibre Composite Materials on Vehicles

No(2) Carbon Fibre Composite Materials on Vehicles

Question 1
Carbon fibre composite materials are increasing being used in automotive applications to replace more traditional metallic components.

a) Discuss the advantages of carbon fibre reinforced polymers with respect to their mechanical & specific* properties in replacing traditional metallics in vehicle body structural applications. Include in your discussion issues associated with anisotropy, how such issues can be addressed and the consequential effect on mechanical properties.

b) How do the high production rates required for many standard classes of vehicles correspond to use of the such composite materials with respect to their processing characteristics when such materials are supplied in the form of pre-preg that must be vacuum bagged and autoclave moulded
*Note: A specific property is a property related to the density of the material (e.g yield strength/ density = specific yield strength)
Question 2

“Some niche vehicle manufacturers are currently moving away from carbon fibre components for their medium production volume vehicle structures because of long processing times needed for high integrity carbon fibre composite components” Discuss in relation to the Society of Automotive Engineers article on the hyperlink below.

Report structure guidance below…..

• Write in the “3rd person” (standard report writing style)
• Please make sure your work is properly referenced.
• References must be cited within the text at the relevant place as well as listed in full in your appendix (reference section).
• Structure your report as per the sections in the question. Do not combine sections.
Your report can be longer than 6 sides (e.g. due to figures, graphs & tables) but no more than 6 sides of text in report main body. Use an Appendix for non-essential diagrams and information if necessary.

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