New York Stock Exchange

Select a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for which you can obtain daily closing stock prices. Immediately start keeping an Excel worksheet with the following data: the date, the daily closing price of your selected company’s stock, and the daily closing value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

For this first SLP, answer the questions below.

1. What is the name and NYSE symbol of the selected company?

2. What is its primary business?

3. What categories and types of data are you collecting?

4. Where will you find the data needed for this SLP; e.g., internet or a newspaper?

5. Would a frequency distribution table be appropriate for displaying your stock’s daily closing price? Create and submit an illustrative frequency table to show how such a table might look when you have collected enough data. (Hint: The table shows the distribution of prices, by price category. Would that information be helpful? Why or why not?)

Write an MS Word paper addressing the issues above, and using the style and format described in your Syllabus by the TUI. The paper should have a cover sheet and a references page. Submit the paper when completed.

SLP Assignment Expectations:

In general, SLPs are expected to have the attributes of precision, clarity, breadth, depth, and applicability. However, not all of these attributes are applicable to all SLPs, especially in math and science courses. For this SLP, the expectations are:

• Describe the company to be followed (breadth).

• Describe the data to be collected, and where you’ll find it (clarity).

• Construct a sample frequency distribution table, with proper categories and labels (precision).

• Analyze the usefulness of a frequency distribution table for displaying these data(applicability).

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