This paper will be over the somatosensorypathways or the ascending (not the descending) pathways (from the feet or hand and up to the brain cortex)

Explain the different pathways clarify the process in detailsfrom where they begin and what path they follow and where they end? Including the following.

1- what is the normal ascending pathway (nonpainful)?
2- what is the temperature ascending pathway (nonpainful)?
3- what is the painful pathway?
4- Include how each pathway travels and locations or areas that they pass through?The projection?
5- Where it crosses if there is a cross?
6- What types of the of fibers are involved in each one and give a little explanation?
7- What are the different types crosses and communication in head?
8- Include graphs, figures and tables for each pathway
From what you found complete the following table:

Stimulation in Pathway name, its classification, its fibers, projections More details References, links
Right hand 1-
I. Path:
II. fiber type:
III. sensory cortex area:
Left hand

Right leg

Left leg

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