Networking assignment questions

a) Select a suitable frequency band for WSN and give reasons for your selection.

b) Calculate the channel capacity (minimum data rate) required for:

I. One sensing device to control centre channel

II. Control centre to ISP channel

c) For both the channel types calculate the following noise levels experienced:

I. Thermal noise

II. Total noise experienced

d) It is expected to maintain SNR of 63 at the control centre for sensor signals.

I. Calculate the signal power received at control centre from one sensing device.

MITS5003 Wireless Networks and Communication

II. Calculate the bandwidth of the sensing device to control centre channel.

III. What will be the bandwidth of the multiplexed channel if FDM scheme is


e) Calculate the maximum free space loss experienced by the signals sent from

sensors. (Assume control centre is located exactly at the centre of the landscape)

f) Determine the required transmission signal strength if other impairments such as

attenuation and fading causes loss of 30% in signal power during the

propagation from sensors to the control centre.

g) With your general knowledge in agriculture sector and business suggest

functionalities for the cloud application to effectively use sensor data.

h) Suggest how IoT platforms can help the implementation of WSN. (Research in

google to find answer for this)

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