Network Management and Design Management

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IT 505 Network Management and Design Management

Assignment 2



THE CASE  : National Wide Insurance (NWI) is a health insurance company that provides services to the hospitals national wide. Please see the main parameter of NWI company.


Question 1


Design the LAN for one of the 8 LANs in Chicago Center. In one LAN, there are 15 desktop computers  and all connected to ; Print server, Email Server, FTP server, Local HR database, Local Customer database and the intranet.


Provide Local Area Network block diagramwith all components.

Use to develop/draw network diagram.


Question 2


Design the Backbone Network   for Miami Center only.

A Provide the block diagram that covers 3 layers of BACKBONE NETWORK. The Access Layer, Distribution layer and the core layer. You should consider the connection the intranet as well.

Use to develop/draw network diagram.


Question 3


Wide area network requirements (expectations) for National Wide Insurance. The centers must be connected to each other based on the given “WAN Expected data rates between cities”


New York – Chicago 5 Gbps
New York – Dallas 700 Mbps
Chicago – Los Angles 2Gbps
Los Angles – Dallas 1 Mbps
Dallas – Miami 500 Mbps
Miami- New York 4 Gbps


Provide the block diagram and clearly indicate the network topology you would prefer to connect all five sites of National Wide Insurance (NWI). You may use USA Map to draw network diagram.Download USA Map from the web and place the nodes/cities on the map and then draw the topology.



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