Network Fundamentals Discussion post

This week, you’ve covered a lot of ground in your TestOut labs. The goal of the discussion is to get students involved with each other in the learning process. Your instructor may be an expert, but you’re rapidly becoming one!

Sharing what you learn is an important part of learning. It will help you solidify the things you’ve learned, and will help others see things from your perspective.

Here is this weeks objectives:

As you study this section, answer the following questions:

What are two advantages to creating VLANs on your network?
You have two VLANs configured on a single switch. How many broadcast domains are there? How many collision domains are there?
What happens if two devices on the same switch are assigned to different VLANs?

In this section, you will learn to:

Configure VLANs from the CLI
Configure VLANs

This section covers the following TestOut Security Pro certification exam objective:

5.1 Harden Network Devices (Using a Cisco Small Business Switch)
Segment traffic using VLANs

This section covers the following Security+ certification exam objective:

3.2 Given a scenario, implement secure network architecture concepts

Logical (VLAN)

Last Updated on February 11, 2019