Natural Law Versus Religious Relativism Essay

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Writing Assignments – General Guidelines:

Note that since we do not have longer papers in this course, it is very important that students pay attention to, complete, and submit on time the assignments in this course. Assignments will not be re-opened for individual students once the due date passes. Written responses are to be not less than 250 qualified words (excluding titles and citation – if any).

Many more words will almost certainly be useful in demonstrating a mastery of understanding of the assignments. Students are encouraged not to rely upon resources, but to use their own words to better demonstrate understanding of the material. Remember, as well, please, that the Writing Assignment prompts / directions are the assignment to be addressed, not just recommendations.

Academic/professional writing should be double spaced, cited if appropriate, well-reasoned (no formal nor informal fallacies) and almost entirely error free. Please allow yourself plenty of time to critically consider and develop your arguments.

Directions for Writing Assignment #1: Natural Law Versus Religious Relativism:

1) Identify this assignment page and download it

2) Be sure that you fully the concepts to be addressed and exactly what is being asked of you

3) Formulate your response in this document in the section titled “Begin Your Response Here”

4) Save your new document once complete

5) Open the assignment folder, attach your document, and submit it by the deadline.

Multiple submissions are allowed, but only the one that is most recent at the time of assessment will be considered.

Writing Assignment #1: Natural Law Versus Religious Relativism:

In the section below titled “Begin Your Response Here,” address the following:

Component 1: What is Religious Relativism and what some of its challenges? And What is Natural Law and what are some of its challenges? What is the relationship of each to theism (belief in a transcendent God)?

Component 2: The sacred texts of many religions have been interpreted to assert that: 1) women are naturally inferior to men and 2) that homosexuality is always wrong. Consider both of these claims and argue for how religious relativism and natural law might agree or disagree with one another about the morality of these assertions.

Please consider both assertions and both possibilities (agreement or disagreement). There are many possibilities here. Most importantly: WHY? Be sure that all of your assertions are actually arguments. In short, make sure that you provide well-reasoned justifications for your explanations.

Begin Your Response Here:

[12 pt font; double spaced]


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