National Park Project

National Park Project


Paper instructions:

Step 1 Pick a National Park within the United States

Step 2 being outlining a 5 day- 4 night adventure

1) One of your first pages needs to be simple itinerary/ table of contents. Briefly explain the daily objects.

2) Another page needs to explain where, and why this destination.

3) Focus on the geography. Do not focus your trip around meals, or relaxing. Assume that food is something arranged. Again, this is a term paper. Show me you understand what it is we face- and what does it tell us geographically?

4) Include maps, diagrams, and photos

5) Direction I mean without geography, we are nowhere!

Step 3 The project Itself

1) Single space, use imagery to break up the text

2) Start your project at your destination as an example, if you chose the Florida Everglades, being the trip there. No need to waste a day on traveling

3) Learn the material and then put the information in your own words. Cite your sources! Include a bibliography)

4) If your are spending time in Yosemite you need to make sure your reader understand the history, geology and what it is you stand facing. The explanations of each are the actual bulk of your project.

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