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National Cranberry Cooperative, 1996

The criteria for grading individual written case analyses include:

Identification of key problems/strategic issues.

Demonstrate that you can use the concepts, tools and techniques of operations
management presented in your textbook. Both breadth and depth of analysis will
be evaluated.

Present realistic workable, well-supported recommendations for action.

Use good communication skills. Each case should be written using good
grammar and formatted to meet APA requirements. Mistakes, bad grammar and
lack of format will reflect in your score on the assignment. Proof read all
assignments. Don’t rely on spell check to correct all mistakes. Properly
document all sources of references-no exceptions.

Evidence of adequate preparation, pride of workmanship, and display of
professional attitude and approach.

Case Study Paper Format should be as follows (use APA format for case

o Not to exceed 3 pages – double spaced

0 Abstract (check your APA manual on how to do this properly for case

o Background – no more than 1/2 page. Only include pertinent information
that has brought the organization to its current situation.

o Issues – Identify the pertinent issues that the organization is facing.

o Analysis – Using analysis tools/concepts from your text or appropriate
mathematical calculations; perform the appropriate analysis of the
data/situation. (Analysis tools can be placed in an appendix and are not
counted in the limit of 3 pages. Only include a summary of the results of
the analysis performed in the body of the paper).

o Recommendations – Provide possible recommendations that will resolve
the issues identified. Select the best recommendation(s) and support your

o Conclusion

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